September 3, 2017 – Kick is the Day

This one’s all wet behind the ears with more than a bit of Japanese noodling. James and Clara-Swan serve up a bit of variety for new and returning students everywhere!

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Feat. Viswanath Das, Bernice Johnson Reagon, Reverend Gary Davis, Dean Martin, Laurie Anderson, Ry Cooder, Iggy Pop, Ilhan Ersahin’s Istanbul Sessions, Shalabi Effect, 野獣王国 (Yajyu Ohkoku), Yes, イエロー・マジック・オーケストラ (Yellow Magic Orchestra), 加山雄三 ‎– 加山雄三のすべて〜ザ・ランチャーズとともに (Yuzo Kayama and the Launchers), 東京事変 (Tokyo Incidents), The Who, Cartoon Lizard, Adam & Amethysts, Bonobo, Japanese Breakfast, and The The.


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