March 15, 2020 – A Complicated Sadness,_Nero_burning_Rome.jpg

last of the live broadcasts for a bit, i’m afraid; watch this space for further developments and announcements; many thanks to James for the fine work on the Free Kick Radio Show, of which this episode is a particularly fine example

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  • The Clancy Brothers and Tommy MakemThe Boys Won’t Leave The Girls Alone – I Know Who Is Sick
  • Roland KirkLeft and Right – Black Mystery Has Been Revealed
  • Son HouseLive Performance (11/15/1969) – Death Letter Blues / John the Revelator / Preachin’ The Blues / I Wanna Live So God Can Use Me


  • Dream AlgebraFree Burma – A Complicated Sadness
  • Harris EisenstadtThe Soul and Gone – The Evidence of Absence Is Not Necessarily The Absence of Evidence


  • Wes MontgomeryQuintessential Wes – Mr. Walker
  • Bill FrisellGuitar in the Space Age – Pipeline
  • Frank ZappaSleep Dirt – The Ocean is the Ultimate Solution


  • Mashkoor Ali KhanTranscendence – Raga Jhinjhoti – Daatha Tumi Ho Aaj Man Basa Gayee
  • Alaclair Ensemble4.99 – Piles Comprises (Mash remelange)


  • TALKOVER MUSIC : The Budos BandBurnt Offering – The Sticks

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